Thank you for the excellent work that you have done on my residence

Dear Jay,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the excellent work that you have done on my residence in San Antonio, and especially for putting up with a nerd architect and the unusual design I chose for the HVAC system.

The solar hot water heater and the backup boiler system have worked extremely well through the winter months of 2010/2011 and the air conditioning system has been flawless through this extremely hot summer we have had. The three-inch duct system keeps the house amazingly comfortable and the foam insulation, as you stated, is the perfect adjunct to the two zone system you installed. This last winter the heating system with the new controlling system you installed worked perfectly. Also, I am very pleased with the Peerless Tankless Water Heating Boiler for backup hot water and backup heating. It works with the water coil heating system that allowed me to use the solar water heater and the boiler as my home heat source. I am very pleased with the interior environment and the lack of a gas fired furnace makes the interior seem more comfortable and less dry.

My utility bills have been actually better than expected. Our gas/electric bill in January was $93.00 and February/March was $99.00. Our highest bill this summer has been $235.00. The August billing was within $5.00 of July's total bill indicating the stability of the foam insulation. You were also right about the foam insulation and the AC units. We sleep at night in the bedroom wing with the bedroom set at 77o. Those outlets you put from the bedroom wing into the kitchen/living, dining area means that in the morning when I get up, the temperature in the front of the house is also 77o. This is just staggering to me. Right now, the system seems to be working just you as you planned. I really appreciate the extra care and the extra design time you put into the HVAC system. I know that I changed my mind on several occasions and, no matter what, you hung in with me as a worked my way through this total upgrade of our house. I would love for you and your family to come by and visit.

The yard has been planted and even though we have been struggling through these hot summer months to keep all of the planting alive, we may have made it for this summer, although we still have several plants that are struggling. The new custom fence has been put in along the back side of the property line and has done wonders in finishing off the appearance of our back yard.Finally, it does appear that my goal for an annual gas and electric bill of $175.00 per month is not only achievable, but I may actually beat that in spite of this extremely hot weather.Thank you again for the care that you took during the installation, the extra effort it took to work through my approach to the HVAC system and finally to the extra long schedule with I required before finishing the house, which was affected by the economic downturn. We love the house, we love the HVAC system and we are extremely pleased that the level of comfort you have been able to provide us during the last eight months. Please free to use this letter to potential clients and give them my phone number if they would like to discuss the service that you provided me and my family. I look forward to seeing you again soon.



Killis Almond, FAIA

Killis Almond, FAIA

To whom it may Concern,